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Opinion: Cannabis contributes almost as much to Canada's GDP as the dairy industry. Why isn't the government taking it seriously?

Canoe 18 Nov 2021
In the space of three years, adult-use and medical cannabis’ contribution to Canada’s GDP has grown to rival the dairy industry’s $20 billion GDP ... Following Mississauga's decision to opt-out of cannabis retail, the voice of the industry must be heard ... Cannabis contributes almost as much to Canada's GDP as the dairy industry.

The Scariest Part of Halloween? The Dairy Industry - Claude Runger

Caledonian Record 26 Oct 2021
The Scariest Part of Halloween? The Dairy Industry ... in candy and the frightening truth about the dairy industry ... The dairy industry is more frightening than any Halloween nightmare ... And the dairy industry reporting slumping sales is just the treat we need this holiday season.

Understanding consumer perceptions of sustainability in the dairy industry

Phys Dot Org 21 Oct 2021
Understanding consumer preferences and opinions of sustainability within the dairy industry can help dairy product developers successfully market their products ... may ultimately harm the dairy industry by reducing consumer opinion and willingness to pay for conventional dairy.

Charts show 2020 was not as bad a year for the dairy industry, but the ...

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 06 Aug 2021
2020 was not as bad a year for dairy farmers. Milk prices plummeted but went back up, and Wisconsin didn't lose as many farms as recent years ... .

The ‘queen of vegan cheese’ wants to change the dairy industry

The Guardian 04 Aug 2021
Now she wants to help dairy farmers switch to ... While cheese is often seen as less carbon intensive than meat, the dairy industry has a huge carbon footprint .

Patented Technology With The Potential To Transform The Dairy Industry, Launching 4th August

Scoop 03 Aug 2021
Cooling is estimated to account for a staggering 13% of total global emissions. With New Zealand committed to net zero emissions by 2050, there is no question that this essential practice must undergo revolutionary changes to become sustainable ... .

Sustainability, Animal Welfare and Plant-Based Diets Are Transforming the Dairy Industry in Asia-Pacific

Business Wire 29 Jun 2021
Tan Heng Hong, APAC Food and Drink Analyst said, “The growth in eco-conscious, or ‘green’, food and drink consumers, increased focus on animal welfare, and higher priority placed on sustainability all present opportunities for manufacturers and brands in the plant-based dairy category.

Transforming the dairy industry into a model for resiliency, reliability and sustainability (Schneider Electric SE)

Public Technologies 22 Jun 2021
The industry experts vividly painted a picture of the dairy industry of the future and cited great references of instances where we can view the paradigm shift in dairy in the modern-day ... As technology evolves, the dairy industry will continue evolving with it. The future of technology in the dairy industry echoes the trends of today.

Rampant Animal Mistreatment In The Dairy Industry Warrants Inquiry

Scoop 08 Jun 2021
Stuff revealed yesterday that dairy industry animal ...

Coffee & Conversation: Milk Days is the ultimate celebration of the dairy industry

Journal Standard 04 Jun 2021
June 1 marks the beginning of Dairy Month. This is one of my favorite times of the year ... Milk Days began in 1942 when over 3,000 men, women and children gathered to honor the dairy farmers and their industry for their wartime contributions ... This is the ultimate celebration of the dairy industry ... Applications are also available at the fair office.

Show Your Support and Appreciation for the Dairy Industry: Here’s How (AEM - Association of Equipment Manufacturers)

Public Technologies 03 Jun 2021
The dairy industry of today tells a story of technological innovation and environmental stewardship ... In addition, AEM offers a number of programs aimed at supporting the dairy industry ... For more information on AEM's efforts to support the dairy industry, contact AEM's Austin Gellings at

Cargill and ZELP embark on strategic partnership to tackle methane emissions in the dairy industry (Cargill Inc)

Public Technologies 03 Jun 2021
To help with this need, Cargill and ZELP (Zero Emission Livestock Project) have partnered to bring European dairy farmers an innovative solution to reduce methane emissions, combining technology in methane oxidation and data processing to minimize the environmental impact of dairy production while improving animal welfare.

Christopher Vila moves from farm assistant to winning the dairy industry's top title for 2021

TheNewsHOOK 16 May 2021
Christopher Vila moves from farm assistant to winning the dairy industry's top title for 2021 ....

Stop subsidizing the dairy industry -- Charlie Talbert

Madison 08 May 2021
It’s yet another ask of taxpayers to fund the ...

Agriculture CS Hon Peter Munya launches the Dairy Industry Regulations aimed at enhancing consumer protection (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries of Kenya)

Public Technologies 18 Mar 2021
In this regard, Agriculture CS Hon Peter Munya this afternoon launched the Dairy Industry Regulations, 2021, which are aimed at enhancing consumer protection and safety of dairy produce, improving access to information on marketed dairy produce and providing a mechanism for tracing and recall of dairy produce.

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